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Archiving and unarchiving objects

The archive has been introduced with Feng Office 1.6. This is the place to store objects or workspaces that are not needed for your daily work anymore but should not be deleted either. The archive is located in the workspace selector just below the trash. The archive and the trash have similarities, but there are two main differences as well:

  1. Objects in the archive will never get deleted (unless you move them to the trash).
  2. Objects in the archive can still be found by the full text search.

If there is an object (it does not need to be a document, it may be any sort of object) which you are not currently using and you would like to keep it somewhere else for the sake of keeping your things as organized as possible, this is when the “Archive” feature kicks in. You can get this done by selecting the “Archive” option at the different views, and when you do so, the object will be moved to the “Archived Objects” folder, which is located in the workspace selector, right under the “Trash”.

When you access the “Archived Objects” folder, you may either keep the objects there or do one of the following things once you select an object or more:

  • Unarchive: It will restore the selected object(s) back to its original place.
  • Move to trash: It will move the selected object(s)to the trash.


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Plotz, 2009-12-11 09:07

Before writing a chapter about archiving some things have to be fixed:

- the archive folder is missing in the workspaces list of milestones.

No chance to move any milestone to the archive by chanching the workspace.

- In “Actions” you'll find “move to trash”, not “move to archive”.

No chance to move any milestone to the archive by action.


there is a workspace "archived objects" but no chance to move something in.

Should be fixed ASAP


David Hernandez, 2010-03-16 02:48

In terms of the logic of an office operation, of project management, of user perception, of Web usability and of Feng Office operation, an “archived file” has more importance than another one that is “in the trash can”.

Surprinsingly in terms of the general layout of the plataform, the “trash” is “more important” !!! 8-O

This means that the “Archived objects” icon is located below the “Trash” (we are talking about the menu at the right).

If you would like to change the order of these icons:

1) Open the file: [Feng Office]/public/assets/javascript/og/WorkspacePanel.js

2) Look for lines 456 and 457:


3) And change their order:


In Feng Office 1.6.2, this does the trick! 8-)

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