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Everything back at normal

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013. By: Conrado Vina

What a crazy weekend we had.
Thanks again for all Feng Sky clients for your patience and understanding on the DNS issue.
Just to clarify a few things:

All Feng Sky data is redundant… in different geographical locations!

We never brag much about this, but we have developed a very robust system to protect our client’s data integrity.
The day when you sign up to a paid Feng Sky account, an automatic process starts making backups of all your Data; on a separate location.
We do this with all Databases and files.
Plus, we back up to a third location every weekend.
So it would take a very large-global-disaster to affect your Feng Office data. If that ever happens… we are willing to bet we will be having bigger issues than our Feng Office accounts (No earth = no teamwork).

Feng Office doesn’t use Bluehost for hosting

Many years ago we bought the domain from Bluehost, and we use Bluehost (DNS) Name Servers. Bluehost is our registrar (The company that sold us our Domain Name).
Feng Office uses Dedicated servers only, as it is a system that frequently requires a lot of processing power. That is why we don’t recommend hosting on shared hosting services (unless it is a very simple and non-critical installation).
We are working with Bluehost to prevent dependency on a single Data Center for their DNS.
While we hope to get a positive response, we are taking measures to provide for a better mitigation plan if BOTH Name Servers fail.
Nerdy FYI: DNS protocol calls for a Primary and a Secondary Name Server. It makes sense to have each of those servers in different Data Centers.

Sunday issue affecting a smaller number of clients was us

To top the Friday issue, we had an incident with one of our servers this Sunday.
This only affected one of our servers and for approximately 4 hours in total.
But we understand the frustration of the clients affected by this second downtime.
We have already migrated most of the installations relying on that server and will hopefully finish with all before the end this week.

Again: Thank you!

We want to say it one more time:
Thank you for your understanding! We know s**t happens… but it isn’t fair that it should happen so often!
All the time while we were suffering with this issue we received almost nothing but support and patience from our clients.
We are proud of you, and very grateful for your continuous choice.
We promise to keep learning and to keep on improving not only the system, and not only our customer service, but more importantly the wonderful relationships we have gained.
Conrado Vina, on behalf of everyone at the Feng Office team.

Provisional fix to access Feng Sky accounts

Friday, August 2nd, 2013. By: Conrado Vina

[Updated: Added instructions for Mac users]
Some clients are experiencing trouble accessing their Feng Office system and Feng Office webpage.
Our DNS provider (, the registar to whom we bought the Domain) is having issues within their servers which unfortunately are affecting us.
However, good news are that you may still access your data if you apply the following changes:

If you are a Windows user

1- Go to the Windows File Explorer (you may do this by pressing Windows key + E key at the same time)
2- Now go to the following folders: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\
3- Access to the file named hosts using the Notepad or any other text edit application
4- Copy and paste the following lines in the end of the file:
5- Save the file
6- Close your browser if you have it open. Now open the browser againg.
7- Try getting back to your Feng Office URL:

For Mac users

1- Open a Terminal
Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.
2- Open the hosts by typing on the Terminal that you have just opened:
$ sudo vi /private/etc/hosts
Type your user password when prompted.
4- Copy and paste the following lines in the end of the file:
5- Save the file:
Press the ‘esc’ key, then type:
6- Flush the DNS cache
On the Terminal type:
$ dscacheutil -flushcache
7- Close your browser if you have it open. Now open the browser againg.
8- Try getting back to your Feng Office URL:
Please submit a ticket or comment here with your client number if you still experience issues to log in.
We are sorry for the inconveniences and thankful of your understanding.