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BIG RELEASE: Feng Office 2.2

Thursday, October 11th, 2012. By: Conrado Vina

We have a very important announcement to make today: Feng Office 2.2 is officially released.
Why is Feng Office 2.2 so important to us?

  • Feng Office 2.2 is a big release. We have tested it for over a month, and can ensure that it is the most robust Feng Office that we have ever released.
  • Feng Office 2 is a much better platform for developing extended applications and features than Feng 1
  • This is the penultimate big step into taking everybody out of Feng 1
  • Feng Office 2.2 brings over a hundred new features not present on Feng 1.X
  • 99% of the features of Feng 1.X are now on Feng 2.2
  • Migrating from Feng 1.X to Feng 2.2 is now easier than ever!