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Understanding the Difference Between Users and Contacts

In Feng Office there are users on one hand and contacts on the other hand. Both relate to people, but there a some important differences you should know.


Contacts are basically addresses (including all information that is necessary to contact a person by phone, fax, or the Internet). Contacts are stored under the Contacts tab, and as a whole they represent the address database within your Feng Office installation.


Users are basically logins for a Feng Office installation (including the e-mail address that is used to send a user information by e-mail). Users are managed by a Feng Office administrator in the administration panel. Users have certain user rights which may differ in many ways (for more details read understanding user rights).

Linking Contacts and Users

So users are people who can log into Feng Office, while contacts are people we store information about. But what if we want to store addresses of people who are users as well? For that purpose Feng Office offers the possibility to link one contact record to one user account in special way.

If an administrator creates a new user he has the option to create a new contact as well, that is related to this user. The default setting of this option is yes, and it is a good practice to create a contact for each user in the system from the beginning.

If you have a user that is not linked to a contact you can establish such a relationship at any time. In the detail view of the user simply click the action Create contact with user data.

This works also the other way round: If you have a contact that is not linked to a user you can do so by clicking the action Create user from contact in the detail view of a contact.

If you get the following error message your contact has no company assigned (which is mandatory for users). Simply edit the contact and add a company to solve this issue.

As soon as a contact an a user are linked, you can jump from one record to the other using the actions menu: As you can see in the screenshot below, there is a new action called Go to contact data as soon as there is a corresponding contact record. (This works the other way round as well.)

PLEASE NOTE: At the moment you can only link users and contacts by creating a new record. If you have created a user and a contact independently and want to link them later, the best idea is to create a new contact based on the user and copy the contact information manually.

PLEASE NOTE: Be aware that this method of linking a user to a contact is a unique concept for exactly that purpose. Don't mix it up with the general linking feature of Feng Office (which works for contacts and users as well, but is located under Properties):


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Danijel, 2011-03-12 08:56

When I create contact from user, and then I change user name it won't change name of user in its contact field. Is it a bug or ?

Danijel, 2011-03-12 09:01

Nvm, delete, I appologize.

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