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Searching in Feng Office

Feng Office provides a full text search that allows you to search information regardless of the object type.

One of the new improvements for Feng Office 2 series is being able to look for document contents text (bet it .pdf, .doc, .docx, .osd, .osdf.. aside from the traditionals .html and .txt).

Searching always takes place in the currently selected Client, Project, Workspace,etc. This can help narrow your search. On the other hand: If you don't find what you expect, you may look for something Everywhere by standing on View all on your left.

It can be found on the top right corner of your screen: simply input what you are looking for, and press on Enter:

For those who are looking for more specific information, you may use the Advanced Search option. This can be achieved through:

  1. Click on the search field on the top right corner
  2. Select Advanced Search
  3. Select which kind of object will you be looking for
  4. Add conditions
  5. Run your search

Searching tasks

In the following example we will be looking for tasks that have been:

Note: You may select different objects and conditions, depending on the object type.

Some modules come with their own specific search box, which will look for objects inside the module from where you are performing the search. These search boxes can be found in the moduleĀ“s toolbar.

Examples of modules that include this search box are: E-mail, Notes, Documents, Contacts, Invoices, Tickets, and more.

Deprecated (valid for Feng Office 1.X series)

Quicksearch field

Search screen