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-====== Permissions by Dimensions ====== 
-To start with, lets define what is a Dimension member: a Dimension Member can be any of the following: 
-  - Project 
-  - Client 
-  - Folder 
-  - Workspace 
-  - etc. 
-Besides setting the permissions by users and groups, Feng Office allows you doing so by Dimension Members as well. 
-After getting into the **Settings Panel**, you ought to select the **Clients & Projects** or the **Workspaces** option as shown below: 
-Once you are there, you will see the different Dimension Members. In order to change the permissions here, you first have to click on the edit button next to the member you are about to edit, to see something similar as  this picture: 
-Once there, you will see the different groups and users with access to the dimension member. Clicking on one of them will let you modify its permissions, as shown below:  
-**Important Note**: please bear in mind Feng Office counts with Permissions Heritage as well, meaning that a user that has permissions on **27 Bar**, for instance, by default will have the same permissions to the projects or folders you create within. Of course, you may change them if you wish to later on. 
-You may also 'play' with the permission systems from here, and give or remove permissions to the different users. Changes done here will override the permissions granted on the [[permissions#users_permissions|users permissions]] and [[permissions#permissions_by_user_groups|permissions by user groups]], and viceversa. 
 ====== Discontinued Permissions ====== ====== Discontinued Permissions ======
 Following [[http://wiki.fengoffice.com/doku.php/user_rights|this link]] you will find a section dedicated to permission configurations which have been discontinued. Following [[http://wiki.fengoffice.com/doku.php/user_rights|this link]] you will find a section dedicated to permission configurations which have been discontinued.
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