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Notes are a simple way for exchanging information between the users of an Feng Office installation. Notes can be used as a replacement for a forum, a blog, a blackboard, or a mailing list. It supports comments, so you can discuss things; and by subscribing to a note you get notifications by mail if there is a new comment. So notes are a simple, but powerful element of Feng Office.

List view

Please note that you get the beginning of each note in a tooltip by positioning the mouse pointer over a note (without clicking). That's enough to find a certain note quickly in case titles are not differentiating enough or partly hidden.


Detail view



Edit view

Main section

A note consists basically of a title and a text in plain text format (no formatting options, no HTML code).

In this section you can assign a note to one ore more workspaces.

You can also assign tags to a note.

Section "Custom Properties"

In this section, you will have the option to set your own new properties depending on your needs.

Section "Subscribers"

This section allows you to edit the subscribers options.

Section "Linked Objects"

This section allows you to link objects to a note (and unlink them as well).


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