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Server Requirements

Before installing Feng Office, make sure that your server matches the following requirements:

Hardware Requirements

Minimum Requirements
  1. At least 2 GB of RAM memory
  2. At least a dual core 2 duo CPU
  3. Disk space will depend on the amount of data you are expecting to keep

Note: Feng Office could run under a slower server, but we do not suggest it.

Suggested Requirements
  1. At least 4 GB of RAM memory
  2. At least a quad core CPU
  3. Disk space will depend on the amount of data you are expecting to keep

Software Requirements

Operating System: We usually suggest going for Debian 6.0.4 64 bits. It could be CentOS as well or other Linux distributions, but Debian has shown better results so far.

Feng Office can also run under Windows or Mac OS, but you would be missing several features related to the following libraries (unless you can get them somehow):

Once you know which Operating System to use, you will have to install the following:

  • MySQL 5.X server and client
  • Apache 2.X server
  • The following modules and libraries are also required:
    1. php5-mysql (compulsory)
    2. php5-gd (compulsory)
    3. sendmail (or a similar one for the notifications if you do not send them through an SMTP account)
    4. php5-imap (required for IMAP compatibility)
    5. php5-curl (required for the API compatibility)
    6. php5-xmlrpc (required for document parsing)
    7. catdoc (required for document parsing)
    8. xpdf (required for document parsing)
    9. ghostscript (required for exporting gantt)
    10. imagemagick (required for exporting gantt)
    11. wkhtmltopdf source: (required for exporting gantt)


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