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Feng Office - Client Side Requirements

Hardware requirements

Your client device (PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.) should have a minimum processing power equivalent to:

  • Pentium 4 or above
  • 512MB RAM or higher

Software requirements

Web Browser is required

In order to access Feng Office, your client device should have a Web Browser installed.

The following browser are recommended by the Feng Office team:

  • Mozilla Firefox latest stable version
  • Google Chrome latest stable version

Other supported Browsers

The following browsers are supported, but full compatibility is not guaranteed:

  • Web Browser Mozilla Firefox 3 or higher (latest stable version recommended)
  • Google Chrome older versions (latest stable version recommended)
  • Opera 9 or higher (latest stable version recommended)
  • Safari 3 or higher (latest stable version recommended)
  • Internet Explorer 8 or higher (latest stable version recommended)

Important note

Important note: In order to use Feng Office, your browser should have “Cookies” enabled.

Please refer to your browser manual or local system administrator if you think your browser is blocking cookies.

Operating Systems

If you are accessing Feng Office through a secure connection (HTTPS Protocol using an SSL certificate) your computer time should be correctly set.

Internet Connection

Minimum recommended bandwidth for 10 users: 768Kbps download, 256Kbps upload.


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