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IMAP Sync Plugin

The IMAP Sync plugin has an extended set of tools we will be describing in detail below.

NOTE: This plugin is only available for the Professional and Enterprise editions of Feng Office. If you do not see any of the described options available in your account, please contact your Feng Office representative.

Besides from the basic IMAP sync features, this plugin adds the following functionality:

Adding an account

When adding a new e-mail account:

After saving the changes, please take a look at your Accounts and Folders dimension. You should now see the newly added account with its folders:

Adding/Renaming/Deleting an IMAP folder in Feng Office

To add a new IMAP folder in Feng Office, please stand on the corresponding e-mail account and click on New. You will see the following form for adding the new IMAP folder

The new folder will automatically be synced to your e-mail server:

The above process will also be reflected the other way round, meaning that when you add a new folder in your e-mail client it will automatically be synced to your Feng Office account.

This two-way sync process is also reflected with:

Demonstration Video

Watch a demonstration video on the IMAP sync plugin here.