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Notes are a simple way for exchanging information between the users of an OpenGoo installation. Notes can be used as a replacement for a forum, a blog, a blackboard, or a mailing list. It supports comments, so you can discuss things; and by subscribing to a note you get notifications by mail if there is a new comment. So notes are a simple, but powerful element of OpenGoo.

List view

Please note that you get the beginning of each note in a tooltip by positioning the mouse pointer over a note (without clicking). That's enough to find a certain note quickly in case titles are not differentiating enough or partly hidden.


Detail view



Edit view

Main section

A note consists basically of a title and a text in plain text format (no formatting options, no HTML code).

PLEASE NOTE: The Additional text link below the regular text is usually not visible. This is a legacy feature and has no specific function at the moment. You will see this link only if you are using an OpenGoo installation that has been upgraded from a pre-1.0 release and if somebody entered some additional text already.2)

Section "Workspace"

In this section you can assign a note to one ore more workspaces.

Section "Tags"

In this section you can assign a note to one ore more tags.

Section "Options"

This sections allows you to set several options for a note. Please see the on-screen explanations for details.

Section "Properties"

Properties allow you to store meta data for a note. Properties are not displayed in the list view or detail view, but you can search for them.

Section "Linked Objects"

This section allows you to link objects to a note (and unlink them as well).


There are no frequently asked questions so far.

1) Subtitle missing