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Feng Office Professional Edition (PE)

The Feng Office Professional Edition - also known as 'Feng Office PE' or simply 'PE' - is a Collaborative Platform for managing Clients and Projects.

It is built on top of the Feng Office Community Edition ('PE'), adding features for:

Which add to the features already existing on our Community Edition, which is used primarily for:

The Feng Office Professional Edition is the official recommendation for Businesses and Organizations that base their work on Project and Client management.

Feng Office's Professional Edition is offered both as a cloud-based service (Feng Sky), and can also be installed on-premise (Feng OnSite).

If you would like a more detailed explanation of the differences between the three editions of the system, please refer to Comparision between Editions.

Feng Office PE Main features

The Feng Office Professional Edition is used, among other uses, for:

Important note regarding licensing

While Feng Office PE is Open Source, the source code additional to the Community Edition is licensed and made available to PE clients only.

If you are looking for the free-downloadable version of Feng Office, please refer to the Community Edition documentation on the site. Please note that the free-downloaded installations without the contract of a support plan are not eligible to official e-mail and personal support. Support for free-downloaded PE installations is self-serviced through the Feng Office wiki and forums.