Table of Contents

Outline for future technical documentation

This document is intended as a starting point for a better technical documentation of the Feng Office project. For now I'm collecting suggestions for intended chapters, trying to learn from examples by others, gathering best-practice examples.

Please consider this a work in progress, currently no more than a brain-dump. Don't expect to find polished and usable documentation here yet; but you are welcome to add to the documentation and improve it! I'd also welcome more suggestions and criticism. I'd suggest comments should be inserted using signatures so we can follow the discussions - max wolf 2009-04-14 16:02

Style Guide for technical documentation

firstly, let's try to set some standards for how to do code writing within this wiki.

History & Community & miscellaneous

some of this is featured on the start page, briefly, but perhaps could be elaborated upon a little more. — max wolf 2009-04-14 16:10

Getting Started - prerequisites for development work on Feng Office

It may not be entirely desirable to open up development of Feng Office for the masses, as it may lead to chaotic branching which could detract the core team from doing their work. On the other hand if this is so then that should be mentioned. I leave that up to discussion. Either way I believe it would form a great quick-start entry point for new developers.

Code Examples

learning by example. What other examples would you like to see? Anything you have already prepared but just needs a little rework??

Work in Progress

To a certain amount this doubles the announcements sections and some other areas of the Forum, other parts of this would better be kept in a bug tracker. However this could make sense as it basically would summarize the 'authoritative view' as seen by the core development team.


This is probably the most important part. We could at least have JavaDoc Style documentation (Automatic documentation) see DOXYGEN, JavaDoc etc. (Comparison of Documentation Generators)

Other Sources

external documentation for tools and libraries used in the project.

Various Ideas for Documentation (non-technical)

doesn't belong into the developers' chapter but I'm collecting that here anyway so that i don't start too many construction sites.

. . . .. … to be continued.