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Contacts represent either persons or companies. If you click on the Contacts tab, you basically get an address database. Please be aware that the people you find here may or may not be users of your Feng Office installation - read understanding the difference between users and contacts for details.

Persons may belong to a company (but they don't have to). Companies on the other hand may have many users and contacts (but they don't have to).

List view

Note: you can change the way your contacts names appear on the list, just go to: settings (top on the right clicking your user name) → edit preferences → general

There you will find the following configuration: “List contacts by name”. This will let you choose what to show first: name or surname.


Detail view for contacts



Detail view for companies



Edit view for persons

Main section

Section "Tags"

In this section you can assign one or more tags to a contact.

Section "Basic Data"

Section "More contact info"

Section "Custom Properties"

In this section, you will have the option to set your own new properties depending on your needs.

Section "Subscribers"

This section allows you to edit the subscribers options.

Section "Linked objects"

Edit view for companies

Main section


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