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Working with companies

Owner company vs. client companies

You can store as many companies as you like in your Feng Office installation, but one of them is different from all the others: The so called owner company defines which company (or organisation or group of people) runs a Feng Office installation and therefore has some privileges. All the other companies are called client companies.

The two main differences between these two types of companies are:

Client companies

You can have as many client companies as you like in a single Feng Office installation. Users of different client companies can collaborate when you assign them to the same workspace.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if users do not share any workspace they still can find out about the existence of all other users from any company. This can be a problem if you have one single Feng Office installation for several clients and these clients should not know of each other, so be careful.1)

Users and Contacts

A company can have users and contacts assigned to it. In the detail view of a company you can see, edit and create such users and contacts. (Please make sure you understand the difference between users and contacts.)

Workspace permissions

Workspace permissions are part of a user profile, but there are workspace permissions on the company level as well. To understand these permissions (especially how they relate to the workspace permissions of a single user), please read Understanding user rights.