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Web links are the same thing that you call bookmarks or favorites in your browser. By storing them in Feng Office you can share them with other users. Larger collections of web links can be organized using workspaces and tags as you know it from any other object type in Feng Office.



  • New: Creates a new web link.

  • In the upper part of the dropdown menu you see existing tags. Choose one to assign it to the currently selected web links.
  • Add tag: Lets you create a new tag and assign it to the currently selected web links.

  • Move to trash: Moves the currently selected web links to the trash.

  • Edit: Allows you to edit the selected web links (only one at a time) and takes you to the edit view.

Detail view

Edit view

Main section

  • Title:
  • URL: Web address of the link (including the protocol, i.e. HTTP).

Section "Workspace"

Section "Tags"

Section "Description"

Section "Properties"

Section "Linked Objects"


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