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 +====== 使用主题 ======
 +===== 如何选择一个主题 =====
 +PLEASE NOTE: Feng Office comes only with the default theme.((As of Feng Office 1.5)) Therefore you won't be able to select a different theme unless you download one elsewhere or create your own theme.
 +Selecting a theme is done in the [[administration panel]] (Configuration > General). You have to reload the page afterward to apply the new theme.
 +===== 如何创建一个主题 =====
 +To create a new theme simply copy the folder with the default theme (''public/assets/themes/default/'') and name the copy according to the name of your theme (i.e. ''public/assets/themes/mytheme/''). Obviously you have to modify the files in that folder first to see any difference.
 +Since the user interface of Feng Office is based on the JavaScript framework [[http://extjs.com/|ExtJS]] you can change the Feng Office GUI by installing one of the many ExtJS themes.
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