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安装和更新Feng Office


Before installing Feng Office make sure that your server matches these requirements:


For a fresh installation, follow these steps:


Upgrading an existing Feng Office installation can be done either by automatic upgrade or by manual upgrade. The usual and much simpler way is the automatic upgrade. If you experience problems with the automatic upgrade (i.e. because your webserver doesn't have write access to all folders) you can still do a manual upgrade (which is more or less the same procedure as in any PHP application).


To perform an automatic upgrade simply go to the administration panel and choose “Upgrade”. If there is currently an upgrade available you will see a screen as the one above. The release notes give you a brief overview of the new features (you'll find additional information in the Feng Office blog).

When an automatic upgrade has finished you will see a confirmation similar to the following one:

After a successful automatic upgrade please clear your browser cache to make sure that all JavaScripts, CSS style sheets and images are loaded correctly.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are experiencing problems during the automatic upgrade (i.e. if you get a database error message), you can still perform a manual upgrade to solve the problem.


PLEASE NOTE: For details about upgrading see the readme.txt file in the root directory of every Feng Office distribution.

Upgrading Feng Office is easy as long as you follow these rules:


When you accidentally overwrite the file config/config.php during an upgrade your Feng Office installation will become unavailable: You will get the message that Feng Office is not installed, but when you try to re-enter your database parameters in the installer it will tell you that the tables could no be created because they exist already.

To solve this problem you have to enter your database parameters manually into the file config/config.php. To do so, copy the content of the file config/empty.config.php into config/config.php and enter the correct values for the constants defined there.


Let's say you have installed your Feng Office in the following directory:

Now you decide to move this installation to:

Simply moving all files with your FTP client is the first step, but that's not enough - you have to go through these two steps as well:

1) Not necessary anymore since Feng Office 1.0?