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The dashboard (located under the Overview tab) is the very first screen you see when logging into Feng Office. It provides you with the most recent and most urgent information from all modules. For example you can see at a glance what tasks and milestones are due, what messages and comments have been posted recently, or what documents have been uploaded.


The dashboard consists of widgets. Every widget displays information from a specific module or a specific type of information. The Notes widget for example displays the most recent entries from the notes module, while the Latest comments widget displays the most recent comments from all modules. As you can see the widget titles should speak for themselves. Please note the widget colors - these are the same as in the detail view of the according object type.


You can choose which widgets should be displayed on your dashboard. This is an individual setting for each user and therefore part of your the preferences section in your user account.

PLEASE NOTE: Since widgets are related to specific modules a widget will remain invisible if the corresponding module has been deactivated by your Feng Office administrator even if you choose to show this widget in your account preferences. For example: If your administrator hides the “Notes” module, this will not only hide the “Notes” tab but the “Notes” widget on the dashboard as well.

You have the choice among the following widgets:


If you don't like the way information is presented in the dashboard you can switch to a standard list view. Simply click on the button in the upper right corner of the dashboard:


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