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 +========如何拷贝一份Feng Office安装========
 +Sometimes you may need to create a copy of an Feng Office installation, maybe for testing purposes, so that you can test with your everyday data, or maybe to start a new installation with some preloaded data. These are the steps you need to follow to create a copy of an Feng Office installation:
 +  - Create a copy of your database. This can be done either with phpMyAdmin, MySQL GUI Tools or the mysql and mysqldump commands.
 +  - Optionally, create a new database user that can only access this new copy of the database, to avoid any remote possibility of writing data to your original database.
 +  - Create a copy of your installation directory and delete file ‘cache/autoloader.php’ from the copy.
 +  - Edit the configuration file of the copied installation (config/config.php).
 +    - Change value of the DB_NAME constant to the name of the newly created database.
 +    - Change the DB_USER and DB_PASS constants as needed.
 +    - Change the ROOT_URL constant to point to the new installation.
 +Now you can access your copied installation and it won't affect your original installation. Try with something simple like creating a note on the copied installation and see if that note appears on your original installation. If it doesn't you have succeeded.
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