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There is no list view in the Calendar module - use the calender view (see above) instead.1)








If you want to repeat the same event on different dates (like a weekly meeting or a birthday) you can define an event as a repeating event. (This is very similar to defining a repeating task.)


To ensure that people don't forget an event you can define reminders, consisting of e-mail notifications or pop-up alerts. (This is very similar to defining reminders for tasks.)

Choose the type of a reminder (E-mail or Pop-up message) and the timeframe (in Minutes, Hours, Days or Weeks). By checking Apply to all subscribers these reminders are sent not only to the invited people but to all users who have subscribed to this event as well. You can define as many reminders for an event as you like.

Please note: Feng Office will not prevent you from defining several identical reminders.






When you create an event you have to decide which users you want to invite. In addition you can choose to send invitations by e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE: Which users you are able to invite depends on the workspace the event belongs to.3)

Inviting people has two consequences:

PLEASE NOTE: As of Feng Office 1.0 there is no list where you can see who has been invited, who will attend and who has declined.4) The only way to see the invitation status of a user is to filter the calendar by this user (View > By user), where the status is indicated by an icon:

The user has not answered this invitation yet.

The user will attend (he answered “yes”).

The user is undecided (he answered “maybe”).

The user will not attend (he answered “no”).


Can I synchronize the Feng Office calendar with the calendar on my PC or mobile phone?

At this time (Feng Office 1.0) synchronization with local calendars (like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Sunbird/Lightning, Apple iCal) is not supported.5)

Can I synchronize the Feng Office calendar with Google Calendar?

Not at this time (Feng Office 1.0), but it is planned for one of the next releases.6)

1) There has been a list view for events in Feng Office versions before 1.0, but it's not available anymore.
3) Due to a bug this is not true for Feng Office 1.0 - see here for details.