New Feng Office Bug Tracker

By: Feng Office

After months of struggling with the forum as our bug tracker, we’ve decided it’s time to move to a better alternative.

After some investigation we chose Mantis as Feng Office’s bug tracker because it provides the flexibility and features we need.

Today, our Mantis trial period is coming to an end with satisfactory results. Consequently, as of this post, the Bugs Forum will become read-only for future reference.

From now on, all bugs that require development team attention should be reported through our Mantis ( .

Some notes:

  • Feng Office Customer can still choose to report bugs though tickets or through Mantis.
  • Bugs that are currently found in the Bugs Forum will not be forgotten. However, Mantis bugs will be prioritized. So:
    • If you’ve reported a bug through the forums and it hasn’t been solved yet. We recommend that you also report it on Mantis.
    • If you find a bug that has already been reported in the Forums but not on Mantis, we recommend that you also report it on Mantis.
  • As for features, we are still evaluating options. Meanwhile, we are not introducing changes. We’ll be using the forums to discuss them until we find a definitive solution. If you would like to join the discussion let us know in the comments.

And before you start reporting bugs, please take a look at this interesting bug reporting tips by Bernie Berger.

Thanks for listening!

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2 Responses to “New Feng Office Bug Tracker”

  1. Daniel says:

    Hi. We found a BUG. Please, see:

    Replies 7 and 8.

    Thank you.

  2. francisco says:

    Hello Daniel,

    Thanks for reporting this issue (when sending notifications to assignees).
    However, I would suggest reporting them here:

    Either way, have you checked whether the “Send notification to assignee” box is enabled?
    Also, have you thoroughly looked into the notifications and emails settings?

    Best regards,
    Francisco Ponce de Leon
    Feng Office Team

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