Feng Office 2.6 version!



Hi Everyone!!
The long awaited 2.6 version of Feng Office is already available!!
This new release has taken a bit longer than expected, but only because the improvements and enhancements are not few!! Lets have a look at them:

1- Faster and easier way to manage Tasks:

The time you require to perform actions is very valuable, so the faster you can perform them, the better. The Tasks module is by far our most popular one, therefore we wanted to improve it a little bit further so that you can save more time!
From now on you will be able to easily select the Client, Project, Folder, Workspace or Tag for the tasks at the very moment of its creation or edition, without the need to go for the full-form screen (which takes some more time):


2- Easier way to manage Time Entries:

Just as we improved the Tasks Module usability, we also applied similar changes in the Time Module, making it easier and more convenient to classify your time entries with the sole purpose of saving you time.


3- Faster and easier way to update documents:

Again, saving time is something we consider very important, so if you would like to update a new document, you will now be able to do it with less clicks and less idle time as shown below:


4- Task dependencies compatibility with Templates:

Templates are fantastic: they help you to reflect processes and workflows within the system. With them not only you save time whenever you need to create sets of tasks, but you also ensure that every step is followed, without missing any.
On the other hand, Feng Office Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition have Task Dependencies to prevent you or your colleagues from completing one task until its previous task is completed. However, there was no compatibility with Templates… until now! Creating templates with dependencies make them even more powerful, so we strongly suggest giving this option a go by editing the Templates you already have:


5- Projects, Clients and Tags can now be colour coded:

Many of our clients who are using Workspaces, and colour coding them, have been asking us to include this feature in the Clients and Projects section and thus making it easier and faster to distinguish information.
So, by popular demand, and now not only Clients, Projects and Folders are compatible with this feature, but also Tags!
You simply need to edit the Client or Project in question and select its colour:


6- Improved IMAP compatibility:

Feng Office Integrated Email Module (Email client) supports both POP3 and IMAP email accounts. However, IMAP ones were not really that compatible until this Feng Office version. Today onwards you can mark your emails as read or unread in Feng Office and have them marked this way in your mail server, so that all of your devices are syncrhonized!

7- Multiple tasks drag & drop enhancements:

Even though there already is one way to classify multiple tasks at the same time, we have improved the system so that the drag & drop method within tasks works for multiple tasks (and not one by one as it did) when you Group by Clients and Projects, Workspaces, Tags among the different options.

8- Many other improvements:

This version also includes many other improvements but not as major as the aforementioned, and since we do not want you to fall asleep while reading this article, you can get in touch with your Feng Office Account Executive for further information.

Later today new accounts will be created with this new version, and clients will be updated soon as well. Since there are not few though, in case you would like to rush your upgrade just reach over your Account Executive or the Support Team, which will gladly help you out.
We hope you like this new version, and remember to follow us on Facebook to keep tuned on the upcoming improvements as we are working on many!
Last but not least, feel free to comment below and let us know what are your thoughts on it!
Or you may also privately contact us.


Heartbleed bug mitigation measures


Dear Everyone,

By this moment you might have heard about the Internet bug Heartbleed, which has impacted most companies on the web.
Without getting too technical, Heartbleed affects the OpenSSL framework used by many online businesses to privately send data to and from Internet servers. Further information about this issue can be found here: http://heartbleed.com/
That being said, we would like to announce that Feng Office took immediate and proactive steps to patch this security hole on all servers vulnerable to this risk, and has successfully eliminated any risk of unauthorized access to your account.

Technically, there is no way of knowing whether a server was compromised in the short period during which the vulnerability was made public and that the Feng Offie Security Team patched all systems. For this reason and to ensure the protection of your information, we strongly suggest you change your password by doing the following:
1- Click on your name (top right corner)
2- Select Account
3- On the right side, below Actions, select Change Password
4- Type in your old password and a new one
5- Save the changes

If you are subscribed to a Feng OnSite plan – which means running Feng Office in your servers – and would like assessment on how to deal with this issue, please do not hesitate contacting your Feng Office Account Executive for further information about it and how to have this very important security issue solved.

Best regards,
Feng Office Team

Feng Office 2.5.1 has been released!



Hi everybody!!
It has been a while since our last post, but it does not mean we are not around.
On the contrary! We have been working very hard on new improvements and enhancements!
Some of them have been released in the 2.5.1 version, but most of them will be available in the upcoming 2.6 one, so you will have to stay tuned for the upcoming news as well!
So, lets see what does the 2.5.1 version offer:

1- Dashboard Settings:

Were you wondering how to see only your events and tasks instead of everyones or how to move a widget to your right in your Dashboard, or may be even how to get rid of it?
If that is so… you may now do it!
You just need to Edit your account preferences and access the Dashboard options section.
In there you can play with different options as shown below:


2- Comments Widgets:

On the other hand, taking the opportunity we were changing our Dashboard a bit, some people were desperate to have a widget including the latest comments, so we added an initial version of it:


3- Languages updates:

Some Feng Office users helped us out by providing us with some updates of the texts in the French, Italian and Turkish languages respectively.
Please bear in mind this help is always welcome as we are not fluent in all of the available languages. If you would like to help us out, just drop us an email to contact@fengoffice.com


4- Faster way to input your Web Documents:

Since Feng Office is compatible with Google Docs and other online documents, we have introduced a new and faster way to “upload” these aforementioned documents:

5- Performance

As usual, performance kept on improving and now many things take less time to load!
Good news are that there still are many enhancements to be applied in this area!


6- Bugfixing

Many small issues were fixed. For a more detailed list we suggest looking into the Release Notes of the source code.


New free trials will be created this new version next week onwards, and clients will be updated soon to it as well.
Since there are not few though, in case you would like to rush your upgrade just reach over your Account Executive or the Support Team, which will gladly help you out.
For those using the Community Edition, you may download the files from here and then proceed with the upgrade.
We hope you like this new version… and remember to follow us on Facebook!
If you want to, feel free to comment below and let us know what are your thoughts!
Or you may also privately contact us.