Feng Office 1.7 RC2 has been released!

WARNING: This release is not suitable for production environments. It’s only for evaluation and testing purposes.

Download here.

Changes since 1.7 RC:

usability: Unclassify emails by dragging them to ‘All’.

bugfix: Calendar export was exporting events that the logged user was not invited to.

bugfix: Event invitations: showing “no invitations sent” when user has permissions by group over the event.
bugfix: Milestone selector loads data two times in task quick add.
bugfix: Edit company action (at column in the listing) goes to edit contact.
bugfix: Activity widget does not loads all the information.
bugfix: ical sync stopped working after 1.7x upgrade.
bugfix: Search finds workspaces without permissions.
bugfix: Task dates 1 day before in task list.
bugfix: ‘Failed to upload file’ when dragging an email with attachment and classifying it.
bugfix: Internal server error when trying to reply email without a configured account.
bugfix: Bug with group users and subscribers.
bugfix: Internal server error” when adding/modifying workspaces.
bugfix: Calendar export timezone offset format for timezones > 0.
bugfix: Error when listing files created/modified by a deleted user.
bugfix: Download / trash revision icons are not shown in IE.
bugfix: Workspace selector isn’t drawn in workspace conditions for custom reports.
bugfix: ‘Error when ordering email reports by ‘Updated by’
bugfix: Workspace-group permissions not loaded when editing a workspace
bugfix: Custom reports don’t filter contacts correctly by workspace.
bugfix: A type with only one custom property of type boolean cannot unset its value.
bugfix: Custom reports cannot be filtered by more than one tag or workspace condition. Only the last one works.
bugfix: Add/Edit workspace: Contacts show all fields as ‘undefined’
bugfix: Email auto refresh always loads page 1.
bugfix: Clicking on ‘Send Mail’ when a draft is being saved doesn’t send the email
bugfix: Clicking on Search, Administration or Account or performing a search when it is already open doesn’t bring it up.
bugfix: Duplicate email messages.
bugfix: A due date is allowed to be earlier than a start date in tasks.
bugfix: Forgot password doesn’t work correctly when password has expired.
bugfix: Revision required when classifying an email.
bugfix: SQL error in calendar with MySQL older lower 5.0.
bugfix: Event invitations are not shown correctly if the invited users are not directly assigned to the event’s workspace.
bugfix: Milestone dates are one day off if timezone is greater than GMT.
bugfix: Duplicate title column in reports (replaced with an icon and removed in print view).
system: Some language fixes

system: Cleared non critical logged warnings

system: Performance tweaks for object picker queries.

7 Responses to “Feng Office 1.7 RC2 has been released!”

  1. Koen says:

    I noted one issue regarding archiving:
    I am able to archive tasks, but not the milestones.
    This results in 20 empty milestones being shown in the tasks pane.

    My current workflow:

    March 2010 (milestone – unable to archive, so empty after archiving it

  2. marcos says:

    Hi Koen,
    You can archive milestones. Just click on the milestone’s name to go to the task view. When you are there click on More actions in the Actions Panel and click on Archive.

  3. Fabi says:

    I’m testing this new release, and whenever I add a milestone, it is not shown in the Tasks List; only the old ones are.

    Is it a known bug?

  4. Fabi says:

    BTW, I can search them, so it’s a problem with the Tasks view. The milestones are being added correctly but not shown.

  5. marcos says:

    Thanks for reporting this Fabi

  6. fine violin says:

    Feng is great. But we still need better Mobile Browser Support.

  7. Fl says:

    I can

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